Our friend Walt launched 500Pearlstreet.com earlier this week. It’s a blog that will be focused on covering white collar crime in the news as well as exploring other topics related to white collar crime. We’re excited to see where Walt takes the blog and wish him the best of luck!

Technically, 500Pearlstreet.com is running Drupal 7 with a couple of of pretty neat modules:

  • The theme is a standard sub-theme of the excellent Omega responsive theme. The amount of configuration possible through the Omega UI is really impressive and a welcome change from how difficult theming was in Drupal 6.
  • In-context links and images are being automatically powered by Zemanta which is pretty neat.
  • OpenCalais is also running in the background providing semantic tagging capabilities. These aren’t exposed yet but hopefully will become useful when there is more content.

Anyway, it should be a good read so drop it into your readers!

Last week was a big week over at tru.ly!

We launched our lightweight social verification service that allows partner sites to verify that their visitors are 18+ or 21+. We’re hoping that this will replace current age solutions and allow sites to safely show and monetize 18+ and 21+ content.

Check out the awesome write up The Next Web did (Thanks Courtney!).

Anyway, theres a live demo at https://tru.ly/social-api-demo/ and the demo video is below.

Last week we launched RentPrefs a new take on renting an apartment. RentPrefs flips the process around by allowing renters to post their preferences and then allowing agents to match them with listings that fit their criteria.

Anyway, yesterday Xconomy did an awesome write up about them so definitely check it out. We also got a nice mention at the end there!

Happy Friday!

We started to notice www.setfive.com was starting to show some signs of age so I figured it was time to give it some web 2.0 love. It’s still basically the same site but the HTML+CSS have been modernized, we updated some copy, and added some screenshots to the client page.

Anyway, without further ado check it out at www.setfive.com

I’ve also slowly started updating my Github! First up, check out a Setfive Boilerplate to help your bootstrap projects.

Earlier today we launched Boston Built in collaboration with our friends at Bocoup, UpStatement, and SignedOn

Basically, Boston built allows you to “represent” by either adding a graphic logo or a 1×1 tracking pixel to your site via Javascript. Then, the bostonbuilt.org site will pick you up and list your favicon along side the other sites that are including the tracking code.

BostInnovation has a nice write up and a poll at The ‘Built in Boston’ initiative.

Happy Friday!