MetaForce: A MetaTrader4 Integration, Opening MT4 to the Web

We know we’ve been silent here lately, however we are happy to announce our full revamp of one of our products: MetaForce. MetaForce is a product we’ve had around for a while and have several clients using.

What is MetaForce? MetaForce allows MetaTrader4 data to be extracted to numerous CRMs, support systems, and custom client areas. With MetaForce brokers can do things they never have been able, a few highlights are:

  • Process deposits automatically to MT4 via their payment processors
  • Manage MT4 accounts from their CRM, support system, or client area
  • Allow clients to reset their MT4 passwords from the web

There are two levels of MetaForce. One which syncs data from the MT4 platform into a CRM, support system, or client area. The second which does the data sync, but also allows interactions back from the CRM, support system, or client area into the MT4, such as creating accounts, deposits, etc.

MetaForce is the first product of its kind. No longer are brokers required to use the MT4 programs to manually process account applications, deposits, and other business processes; brokers can now use their own platforms to do these actions. With MetaForce brokers can streamline their processes and cut down on training time.

For more information on solutions please visit the product’s site.