Deleting files older than specified time with s3cmd and bash

Update: Amazon has now made it so you can set expiration times on objects in S3, see more here:

Recently I was working on a project where we upload backups to Amazon S3.  I wanted to keep the files around for a certain duration and remove any files that were older than a month.  We use the s3cmd utility for most of our command line based calls to S3, however it doesn’t have a built in “delete any file in this bucket that is older than 30 days” function.  After googling around a bit, we found some python based scripts, however there wasn’t any that was a simple bash script that would do what I was looking for.  I whipped this one up real quick, it may not be the best looking but it gets the job done:

PHP: Adding variables in the current scope

So earlier today I was working on a Facebook App and wanted to use “partials” in a similar fashion as Symfony’s partials. At this point, I realized I had no idea how Symfony placed variables into the current execution scope when you do things like

include_partial("somePartial", array("foo" => $foo, "bar" => $bar));

A bit of digging led me to the extract() function in PHP.

From the documentation, “extract — Import variables into the current symbol table from an array”.

Pretty neat.