iPhone style checkboxes for Symfony

No one worry, I did in fact survive my birthday and subsequent party!

Anyway, I was poking around for some cool UI elements for checkboxes and stumbled across this neat jQuery plugin – http://github.com/tdreyno/iphone-style-checkboxes Basically, what it does is converts checkboxes into iPhone style toggles.

Check out a demo at http://tdreyno.github.com/iphone-style-checkboxes/

This is for a symfony project (shocker!), so I figured I’d roll it into a widget and share.

You’ll need to download and include the JS+CSS+images for the plugin yourself and then copy the following code into your project:

Using it is straightforward:

      'show-upcoming-events-nav' => new sfWidgetFormInputiPhoneCheckbox( array("checked_label" => "on", "un_checked_label" => "off") ),

Streaming Foursquare checkins with Google Maps

This Saturday was the second annual Redline Challenge which is a bar crawl from Downtown Crossing to Davis Square that loosely tracks the MBTA Redline.

This year, we decided to use Foursquare to allow the website to track the position of several of the participants on the challenge. Foursquare natively allows you to track your checkin history with private URLs. Currently, they support a handful of formats with KML being the most interesting for our purposes. You can find your private URLs by navigating to http://foursquare.com/feeds/

We used the Google Maps API along with the KML stream from Foursquare to dynamically place markers on the map as different users checked in to different venues.

Here is the PHP we used to pull back the KML feed, transform it to JSON, and spit it back to our jQuery on the client side:

Pretty straight forward. Here is the jQuery code on the client side to add markers to the map:

That’s about it.

UPDATED: New Facebook Phonebook Script

I realized this morning that Anonymous Coward’s Facebook Phonebook Greasemonkey script broke awhile back so I decided to rewrite it from scratch.

The original instructions for how to install the script are available here.

I updated the original Userscripts page with the new script so you can download it here.

Once again, this probably breaks your Facebook TOS so I can’t vouch for the safety of your account if you do decide to do this.

QR Bookmarklet

I got tired of having to find the same website (mostly recipes) on my phone after looking at them on my workstation or laptop so I decided to whip together a bookmarklet to throw a Google powered QR code on any page.

The bookmarklet will just slap a QR code image with the current page’s URL (window.location) so that you can open the page on your phone. ps. Barcode Scanner for Android will automatically open the URL in a browser.

Without further ado, QR Code Bookmarklet