iPhone style checkboxes for Symfony

No one worry, I did in fact survive my birthday and subsequent party!

Anyway, I was poking around for some cool UI elements for checkboxes and stumbled across this neat jQuery plugin – http://github.com/tdreyno/iphone-style-checkboxes Basically, what it does is converts checkboxes into iPhone style toggles.

Check out a demo at http://tdreyno.github.com/iphone-style-checkboxes/

This is for a symfony project (shocker!), so I figured I’d roll it into a widget and share.

You’ll need to download and include the JS+CSS+images for the plugin yourself and then copy the following code into your project:

Using it is straightforward:

      'show-upcoming-events-nav' => new sfWidgetFormInputiPhoneCheckbox( array("checked_label" => "on", "un_checked_label" => "off") ),