Behat and Symfony2 – A Simple Gotcha

Recently we were using Behat on a new project with the Symfony2 extension. It took a bit to get it up and running correctly as the docs (for the extension setup) seem to be incorrect. First place the behat.yml directly in the project root. Second, when using the “@” notation to reference your bundle you need to be sure to enclose it in quotes. For example, ‘bin/behat –init “@MyBundle”‘. Without the quotes it will not be parsed correctly and will not setup the structure as you want.

If you are running into the following error:

Most likely the initial setup didn’t go correctly. We kept having that issue whenever we added the behat.yml to our root directory, but then didn’t use the quotes to enclose the @MyBundle. Hopefully this saves you the headache!

I’ve shot over a pull request to the main behat repo for the extension so it hopefully will be fixed soon:

Happy testing!