BigCommerce Bulk Coupon Code Importer

Update: Get it at

A buddy of mine has an eCommerce storefront through BigCommerce, a hosted eCommerce solution. He was looking to run a Gilt City promotion, so he would have to import ~150 coupon codes into BigCommerce.

My friend spent some time looking around for an import codes feature and I would have assumed that a solution like BigCommerce would support a CSV import for coupon codes as well. However, we Googl’ed around a bit and it turns out BigCommerce does not support CSV imports for coupon codes. We stumbled upon this discussion on the BigCommerce forums discussing this shortcoming at length.

On the forum thread, someone had previously developed an iMacros script to automate importing the codes. Unfortunately, I tried using the iMacros script without any success. It looks like BigCommerce has updated the HTML on the page which is breaking the script. Anyway, looking at the iMacro and the opaque syntax I decided it would be easier to whip together a Chrome extension to automate creating coupon codes so decided to move forward with that.

Chrome extensions naturally lend themselves to automating things like this since it’s pretty straightforward to use the background page to maintain any state and hold variables and then use a content script to manipulate the DOM of the page and submit any forms that you need to.

You can grab the extension here Importer.crx you’ll obviously need to be running Google Chrome for it to work.

Also, fork it at

What it does is add a “Bulk Import” button to the “Coupon Codes” page on your BigCommerce site – http://[yourstore]

If you click that button, a copy of the “add code” form will be displayed along with a textbox. You’ll just need to fill out the form, enter a list of coupon codes you want to create – one per line, and then click “Start Import”.

Your browser will automatically go through and create all your coupon codes. Thats it!

As always, let me know if you run into any issues or have any comments.

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  • Peter

    Hi there,

    This looks like it could be great – although with just a bit of tweaking. It imports the codes just as you say, except the date field does not work and it also sets it to apply to all categories.

    Could it possibly be set so that it would only apply to one category (catalogue)?

  • jason

    I dont see anywhere the bulk import button and I added the extension to chrome

  • Peter, I’ll see what I can do – don’t have a ton of free time right now to add stuff to this.

    Jason, I emailed you back as well but it might be an issue with the subdomain that the admin url for your store is using.

  • steven

    I was wondering if this is still working? i used shopify and the imacos as you said no longer works with that either. I was thinking about joining big commerce, but I wanted to make sure this still works. its such a pain to enter 3000 codes by hand

  • steven

    it does work thanks so much!

  • Jacob


  • jacob

    Any word on applying the coupon code to specific products or categories??? That would be HUGE!!

  • Jaap

    Thank you. Is there a way to make this work if I’m using SSL, ie… my admin section is at

    Rather than the standard

  • Jaap

    Nevermind mate, I go the unpacked version and messed with the manifest file

  • @Jaap – Cool!

  • Jaap

    Quick question, for some reason, it isn’t filling out the ‘number of uses / per customer’ field as I specified. Is this what it should be doing? Or may I have done something wrong.

  • Hmm something might have changed on their end since I wrote the extension. Could you email me the CSV you’re using? –

  • I installed the extension, but nothing has changed in our admin panel. Could this be the same issue that Jaap (#8) above had? I don’t have the skills to effect a work-around as Jaap did.

  • @Karl – looks like this post is getting a quite a bit of attention. Give me the weekend and I’ll see if I can put together a more flushed out explanation for everything.

  • Hey guys,

    Put together an updated version of this tool on

    Couple of updates:

    – Fixed the date bug
    – Enabled the “use coupon for category” feature
    – Enabled the “use coupon for produc” feature
    – Added an option to have the tool generate random codes for you

    I also added it to the Google Chrome Webstore to be able to push OTA updates in the future.

  • ruzzel01

    Great tool for those using BigCommerce.Since most large retailers change coupon codes weekly this is real time saving extension and very timely with the current trend to use coupon codes for seasonal promotions.

  • Luis Bragagnolo

    Hi, it doesn’t work for me, am I doing something wrong? The extension is installed but I do not see any changes when I open my webstore on bigcommerce