Friday Links: How the magic happens

Happy holidays to everyone! Hopefully the eggnog has been flowing freely and if you’re in the Northeast you’ve been enjoying the unusually warm weather. I’d been planning to post the usual link roundup but changed my mind. I ended up seeing The Imitation Game last night and it inspired me to do something different. The movie is definitely worth seeing and if you work in technology it illuminates a connection to a shared past that most of us don’t often think about. So continuing in this theme, here are four links that’ll help explain how the actual sausage gets made.

Friday Links: Apple Pay, SaaS, and Net Neutraility

Welcome to the weekend! We’ve rounded up some interesting reading to carry you through the till Monday. Fire up your iPad, grab some cider, and snuggle up with a blanket:

Friday Links: Fitness^3

It’s been a long week but you’ve made it, it’s Friday! Nothing goes better with Fridays than a couple of fresh links for your ride home and of course a cold beer. We can’t help you with that beer but we’ve got you covered on those links. A slew of new wearable health products were released this week and here they are:

Planning on picking up a fitness tracker? Let us know in the comments!