Symfony2 Cache Clear in Prod Fails? Using JMSDiExtraBundle?

Just a quick one out there as I saw a bunch of posts trying to get around the following error:

The error of the occurs on the cache warmup part of the clearing. After looking around people referenced a bunch of different solutions, the most popular being to do a –no-warmup. However, we wanted to try to fix the problem rather than just avoid warming the cache.

The solution fairly quick and really easy. This is using 2.1.X of Symfony and 1.3.* of the JMSDiExtraBundle. Before we had in our AppKernel.php the following:

I noticed in one of the docs for the JMSDiExtraBundle it has the JMSAopBundle in the list BEFORE JMSDiExtraBundle. We tried moving this up and had success, so the final one looked like:

Hope this saves someone some time.