Doctrine Multiple Connections with Symfony Web Debug Toolbar

In April I wrote about using Doctrine with multiple connections for specific table models.  This worked really well, except Symfony’s web debug toolbar would not show any SQL queries that were not defined in the databases.yml file.  This of course made it quite difficult to debug many queries, as the query logs show the queries before the parameters are inserted, for example:

SELECT, a.title FROM posts a WHERE id = ?

The web debug toolbar however shows them with the parameters in place. This makes it a ton quicker to debug as you can see the parameters in place, as well as copy and paste the query straight into the SQL client to see the raw results. After a few months and a project becoming much more complex it was necessary to see the queries. I looked up how sfWebDebugPanelDoctrine gets the queries and found:

So the sfDatabaseManager would manage all the connections and return which ones to pull queries off of. I looked at it a bit and saw that it has setDatabase which sets the databases it has registered. Since it requires you give it a sfDatabase as a parameter I had to update the way we connect the databases a bit so we could pass them to it. The new version is below:

Now you will now see the queries in the web debug toolbar.