Propel and Primary keys

Today I was writing an administrator backend for a project we have. I had the code:

   foreach ($old_feeds as $old) $old->delete();

I was trying to remove some old foreign constraints before I deleted the main object, however, for the longest time the “$old” objects were not deleting, but no errors were being thrown. I did the usual debugging, added a die() statement inside the count, it was going there. I added a die statement in the foreach, it went there. I thought, “It must not be pulling the right ‘old’ objects.” I then added a $old->getName(); to see exactly what objects it was going through-they were the right ones. It made no sense. I next tired after the $old->delete();to add a $old->save();. The error I received was “You cannot save an object that has been deleted.” This didn’t make sense, since the object was still in the database. It hit me then, I had this problem in the past. Propel hates tables without primary keys. I quickly just added a simple primary key to the model, and the delete statements worked.

Moral: If dealing with Propel and you are getting some unexpected behavior, with zero errors, check to see if you have a primary key; it may save you hours of head banging.