Service Level Agreement Cursus

In our network economy, these “cooperation agreements” are increasingly important: organizations depend on their critical suppliers, important activities are outsourced, internal customers demand faster and yet perfect service, merger organizations must integrate their processes, etc. Introduction SLA and Service Level Management – Background and functionality of SLAs – Service Level Management: concepts and working methods – SLAs as part of the contractual relationship between the parties This workshop is aimed at business managers, customer managers (account managers), buyers, service managers (human resources, ICT, projects, etc.). Almost every organization today provides a good product or service. If your company wants to stand out in the long term, it must also provide a quality and reliable service, enter into concrete agreements with customers on this subject and even guarantee it. This can be done in a service level contract, a contract between the customer and the provider on the level to be provided and the type of service. SLAs can also be set up for different departments within an organization. After Service Level Training (SLA), you know how you can ensure that the on-demand parties determine the choice of service, the quality and the quality of the service agreements made. During Service Level Training (ALS), you`ll learn how to implement, monitor and readjust a clear and transparent ALS. You will find out who is involved in the design and management of ALS and what processes are involved.

After Service Level Training (SLA), you know which parts can be regulated by law and why KPIs and CSFs are applied. You`ll get an insight into the roles in the culture of communication and business and how you can respond to them in SLA design. Service Level Training (SLA) also allows you to identify weaknesses and risks of existing SLAs. Marc is a senior change leader, consultant, acting administrator and coach. His passion is to enthuse people by expanding their skills and understanding of themselves and their environment. His approach is always interactive, engaging, pragmatic and always based on solid conceptual knowledge and practical experience. He has more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive in finance, human resources, procurement, commerce, business process management, change management and general management in an industrial/service environment and FMCG (high-speed mobile consumer goods). His entire career is linked to a strong commitment to coaching and mentoring, for which he is also accredited by Sheffield Hallam University.

He is an expert in innovative organisational design (Flanders Synergy). Marc is the accredited practitioner Insights, MBTI – TDI Practitioner, Investors in People Specialist and a member of The Professional Mentor.

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