Bootstrap: Customize the typeahead() render method

Earlier in the week, I was looking to customize how the Bootstrap typeahead() plugin was rendering the autocomplete options. Surprisingly, looking at the options listed on the plugin there is no way to specify a custom renderer function. Poking around a bit, I ran across this pull request on GitHub it looks like changes to the typehead() plugin have been tabled since it’s going to be replaced in Bootstrap 3.0 anyway.

I didn’t really want to customize our version of Bootstrap for a single page so I went on the hunt looking for a way to customize the renderer without modifying the plugin. Looking at how the typeahead() plugin is instantiated I noticed that a reference to the “Typeahead()” object with the render() method is actually stored using data() for the element it’s activated on. Because of that, it’s actually relatively straightforward to just overwrite the render() method on the specific element that you’ve activated typeahead() on.

The code I ended up with basically looks like:

Anyway, just a fun tidbit. Questions or comments welcome as always.