Symfony2: A Few Slideshares Worth Checking Out

Earlier this week, a buddy of mine reached out looking for interesting Symfony2 resources that went beyond the “basic” tutorial type content. He was looking to really get into the “nitty gritty” of the framework, how larger projects are using it, and hopefully understand some of the philosophy behind service oriented architectures, dependency injection, and behavior driven development.

Not wanting to leave him hanging, Daum and I took to Slideshare to compile a list of presentations that we thought demonstrated some of these concepts well. Anyway, here is the list we came up with.

How Kris Writes Symfony Apps
You’ve seen Kris’ open source libraries, but how does he tackle coding out an application? Walk through green fields with a Symfony expert as he takes his latest “next big thing” idea from the first line of code to a functional prototype. Learn design patterns and principles to guide your way in organizing your own code and take home some practical examples to kickstart your next project.

Practical BDD with Behat and Mink
An introduction into behavior-driven development with Behat and Mink. A Symfony2 application is used for examples.
This was presented in the Top Shelf PHP tutorial at OSCON 2011:
There were some issues converting from ODP, so a PDF version is here:

BDD in Symfony2
Quality assurance is one of the most difficult things to implement around software development. Most of time it is left for the final phase of development and very often overlooked entirely. As many experienced web development teams already know, QA needs to be part of the development process from the get-go. Behavior development/testing is just one aspect of quality assurance. And we’ll talk about that.

Being Dangerous with Twig
Twig – the PHP templating engine – is easy to use, friendly and extensible. This presentation will introduce you to Twig and show you how to extend it to your bidding.

OpenSky Infrastructure

Dependency Injection in PHP 5.3/5.4

If you have other presentations you think we should check out, leave them in the comments or shoot us a tweet @setfive.