The Setfive coffee table!

A couple of months ago I stopped into DangerAwesome! and was instantly intrigued. DangerAwesome! has a bunch of laser beds and which in turn let you laser etch pretty much anything.

I started kicking around the house for something to etch and obviously decided on our toilet seat.

Here’s how the toilet seat came out:

Anyway, after seeing how well the toilet seat came out I decided to try something a bit bigger. After a quick trip to Jordan’s Furniture I ended up with an awesome glass coffee table that obviously needed to get etched.

After some serious debate, I finally decided on etching a maze and a Setfive logo onto the table.

Here’s how it came out:

And then a close up off the {5}:

Pretty sweet. If you find yourself in Central Square definitely stop in to DangerAwesome! and give the lasers a shot.